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Hi, I’m Kosta.  This is a blog about the art and science of entrepreneurial decision making.

Why create a blog on this topic?  Simply because it’s been my life’s work so far.  My life and career has focused on helping entrepreneurs and executives make ‘choices’.

It’s one of those things we do every day.  We choose.  Seemingly simple, yet incredibly complex.  Just like the captain of a ship, a small change in course brought to life by the simple words “starboard turn, full steam” can have profound implications.

Throughout my whole career, all I’ve ever really done is help people ‘choose’: first, as a management consultant for the leaders of global public companies; second, as an entrepreneur and founder of my own companies.

I’ve come to understand that entrepreneurial decision making is both a science and an art.  Yes, there are powerful techniques that can be learned and mastered; but as we are confronted by an ever evolving array of changing circumstances, different emotional and mental skills come to play.  Many forces, combining together, make entrepreneurial decision making an exquisite art that, for many, will take a lifetime to master.

What I really want to achieve is to create a strategy stack for high-growth entrepreneurial companies – a set of ideas, tools and frameworks that can help innovative companies have massive impact on the world.

This blog is an exploration.  I do not profess to have all the answers, but I do have some. At the very least, I have deep questions to ask and explore.  I hope to share my ideas, thoughts, stories, experiences and strategies in an open dialogue.  If you agree with what I say, chime in and contribute.  If you think I’m full of shit, go ahead and tell me, I’m all ears.

Ultimately, my goal is to contribute to the body of knowledge in my community.  If we get better at making the right calls, in the right moments, we can hope to have more positive impact on the world around us through our work and our lives.  This is my mission.

This post feels like the start of a journey, and I’m looking forward to seeing you along the way.  If you want to learn more about my work, my company is Maneas, and my Twitter is here.

Catch you soon,



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Kosta Stavreas

Innovation Strategist & 2x Entrepreneur